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#SOL Tuesday: My Word for 2022 is Joy

This is my first time choosing a word of a year before! I have read many other people’s words of the year posts and was inspired to try it out for myself. I have reflected on the past year and specifically paid attention to how I feel and I am taking a try at this yearly tradition.

A new path for me in 2021 was navigating the new role of half time literacy coach while teaching second grade the other half, a stepping stone budget-wise to *hopefully* being a full time coach next year. I poured a lot of energy into this new role and although the timing doesn’t seem ideal, more like swimming upstream and dodging obstacles what with teacher frustration, new curriculum roll out complaints, STILL teaching in a pandemic, and navigating being in two half-time educator roles (ahem, there is no such thing as 50/50). Many times, I have felt overwhelmed not only in this new role, but also with the anxieties that have come with a harder school year than last.

My word for 2022 is joy. Find joy in everyday moments by being present, choose joy in my new endeavors when I feel overwhelmed, feel joy when connecting with old friends and meeting new ones, lean in to others and show joy and openness, give joy by including and helping others.

I’m looking forward to trying the idea of a word for the year. This little, three-letter word packed with an empowering punch that I will make visible to remind myself to focus on what brings me joy.

Do you have a word for 2022? How long have you followed this tradition?

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