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Day 24 #SOL22 For My Girl

Earlier this week, I wrote a slice about watching my son at the playground. He longed to hang with the older boys, but had come with his little sister and so he played with her dutifully. Here’s a slice about my daughter helping out before bedtime last night when she repaid the favor of sibling kindness.

Hearing your brother say he’s hungry as he worked on his Pinewood Derby design, you silently crept into the kitchen.

Knife out, butter tub open, bread wrapper rustling.

Tiptoes, eyes inches above the counter, dig in the knife, a soft butter clump, spreading yumminess on the bread.

Working diligently, add a top and slice it down the middle.

Pad to the top drawer, the one with the bowls, and grab a colorful container. Pitter patter to your brother, plunk his snack in front of him.

“Here you go, Kris!” was all you said. An answer to an unasked question.

I saw you smile as you turned away to make one for yourself. You feel proud of your accomplishment.

You copy my moves, you leave me in awe, you watch me all the time.

Truth is, I also smiled as you turned away, watched your moves, and it warmed my heart.

Each day in March I look for a slice of life and write about it as part of the challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers blog. #sol22 #solsc22

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