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#SOL Tuesday: Little Eyes Watching

“Mom!! Put this shawl on me!” E pitter-pattered up to me in the kitchen, thrusting my favorite Christmas plaid shawl at me. Funny, she uses it like a blanket usually on the couch, but I put it on her anyway. Always looking for a chance to accessorize, she layered on a Santa scarf Grandma had knitted for her that day. I smiled as I watched her blond little head skip back to the living room. Then I listened as I basically came out of her mouth when she spoke to her brother:

“K , I need to just have some quiet time and read a book, ok? I’m gonna get some tea. Mom I need tea.” I giggled inside at her desire to copy me and felt surprised to self-reflect – do I really cozy up and say I need quiet time and read? I guess I do. I got her a cup of hot water (she doesn’t even like tea) and she busily went through her bookshelf. She also made a stop to apply makeup (which is not one of my pre-relaxing routines) and took several secret selfies with my phone before her “tea” arrived.

After she went to bed, I looked at her little pile of books and saw her pictures on my phone. She is always watching me and I’m glad that today she chose to notice and copy this. Sometimes her cuteness keeps me from realizing how much she watches and learns. Little eyes watching.

Doesn’t everyone take a selfie like this before reading a good book?!
My latest read and my daughter’s picks for herself.
Tuesday’s Slice of Life

4 thoughts on “#SOL Tuesday: Little Eyes Watching”

  1. Dear The Write Apple,

    I can’t tell you how elated I am to see the beauty depicted in this heartfelt scenario. Though your daughter may have inserted her unique glam to a moment that she’s emulating – that she’s capturing one of the most powerful moments in the realm of literacy is unbelievably heartwarming.

    What I love most is the affection that she’s discerned from her observations of your experience – and she’s personalized it to align her own contentment with selection, choice, designating time, space and opportunity, relaxation, comfort, enjoyment – and the awareness that this is a delight to which she has access.

    For most of my career as an educator, the bulk of my students were those who were struggling, and they were assigned to me by design. Prior to teaching them the fundamentals of reaching, I had to help them cultivate interest, intrigue, wonder- and then…understanding – much of which was achieved through read alouds. My intent was always to try my best to help them to find literacy love.

    I believe “E” has already been the beneficiary of said transformative experience – apparently because of what she’s seen in you; and so organically. Kudos to you for providing for her what many only receive in a thoughtfully orchestrated classroom – a deep appreciation for the beauty of the written word.

    Watching, indeed. And I loved the selfie :o)

    ~Carla Michelle


  2. She is beautiful! So much warmth and holiday cheer in this post. What do you think of this Brene Brown book? I haven’t read it yet but have several others. And… those little eyes and brains are always absorbing EVERYTHING. All the time.


    1. I’m finding the book very interesting and thought provoking. It reads a little like a textbook about emotions but with a coffee table book flair – lots of pull quotes and space. I enjoy Brene’s Dare to Lead podcast and must have listened to it enough that when I read Atlas of the Heart I’m reading it in her voice. Ha!

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