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#SOL Tuesday: Ski Season Things I am Excited About

Knocking the rust off on our sunny first day of skiing for 2021-22! We ski at Gore Mt in upstate NY.

This past weekend we headed to the mountain for our first time on the slopes this season. It was a sunny day and warmer than I had anticipated. We had a lot of fun and it got me thinking about what this season will bring. Here are ten things I am excited for this ski season:

1. My children are more independent than last year and can get ready with less help!

2. K and E held onto what they learned last year and are making great turns.

3. K is signed up to be a part of the U10 racing team and this is a big learning adventure for us all.

4. We are vaccinated this year so maybe we can go into the lodge for something besides a bathroom break (last year was rough)!

5. Maybe silly if you’re not a skier – we got a locker for our skis at the mountain this year and I’m over the moon that we don’t have to carry our skis back and forth to the car.

6. We’ll stay overnight at our camp on the weekends and this year it has running water and electricity!

7. I’m looking forward to meeting new families who are part of the racing team (even though this is also a little scary for me).

8. I have heated socks and I’m very happy about it!

9. I am hoping to take a lesson myself – I’m a life long learner in many aspects, not just in teaching.

10. Finally, I’m excited to spend time together as a family and be outdoors!

2 thoughts on “#SOL Tuesday: Ski Season Things I am Excited About”

  1. Oh, what fun! I love your enthusiasm about family skiing. My husband taught me to x-country ski and I taught him to downhill when we were in college. When younger, we downhilled and taught our sons. Now, we all x-country ski. I cannot imagine the racing scene but kudos for the bravery! We had a family friend who did it while in HS and loved it! Enjoy your time at your cabin as well – that’s where we x-country ski!

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  2. This post makes me smile! I love everything about what you’ve written. I’m not a skier myself, but I do recognize and appreciate the joy of this family time and all the traditions and rituals that come alongside. As for the racing, I hope that’ll be the subject of a future slice. Consider me interested!

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