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#SOL: I Am Thankful For…2nd Graders!

With the short work week due to Thanksgiving and piling up numbers of COVID cases, quarantines, and anxiety, I squeezed in time to write our November poems in second grade.

The premise was that students think about their five senses and write what they’re thankful for with the final part being an overall thankfulness for a noun (or a few in this case). Of course this guy had me at lake views and garlic bread, but when I read the last part: I am thankful for the earth, God, my family, (aww, what a sweet boy!) and punctuation, I snort laughed. Punctuation! This is just the simple thankfulness that I needed to witness.

I told him he made my day, I loved that he wrote “and punctuation” and asked what made him think of that. His reply? He had a lot of things to be thankful for and was glad he could use commas to separate them. Perfect!

I think the lesson I gleaned from this is to keep coming back to the small, possibly overlooked-because-they’re-routine, things. I am thankful for second graders and their often curious, sometimes silly, ever literal view of the world they’re navigating.

#SOL This is a Slice of Life post as part of the Tuesday call for slices. Check out Two Writing Teachers blog.

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