#SOL Tuesday: 2021 Summer Top Ten

Summer sparklers at camp with cousins. I am grateful for these moments and memories.

Today is officially the last day of summer break for me. Earlier in the summer, I wrote a post about how hard it was to transition from the end of the 2020-2021 school year to summer break. Despite an emotionally tumultuous beginning, summer evened out. As we are about to enter another school year with more unknowns than I anticipated back in June, today’s post is a list of the top ten summer happenings for which I feel grateful.

10. Rest – I am grateful for the different pace (not slower, but less demanding) of summer break, for sleeping in and having time to slow down during the day and feel rested.

9. Swimming – I am grateful for many days of swimming at various pools and lakes this summer. Watching my children grow as swimmers is wonderful (and also makes me feel better in the safety department that they can swim pretty well now). I swam more than ever and even dabbled with laps.

8. Reading – I am grateful for time to read! I read quite a bit preparing for my upcoming first year as literacy coach, but fully enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, and Barefoot.

7. Summer Camp – For the first time ever, my children went to summer camp. It was a half day local camp and provided a couple hours of alone time for me and I loved it! I went on bike rides, runs, dog walks, and tried to fill it with things just for me. Better yet, Kris and Evie had a blast as well!

6. Monarch butterflies – My neighbor introduced me to #savethemonarchs. We collected and watched three eggs hatch, itty bitty caterpillars munching milkweed and becoming giant, fat, striped caterpillars finally building a chrysalis, and felt overjoyed when we had a beautiful butterfly to introduce to our garden.

5. Summer foods – I am grateful for the tastes of summer – Caprese salad with balsamic glaze and my fresh basil, grilled chicken (my husband created this delicious marinade concoction this summer and I can’t get enough), corn on the cob, s’mores, and ice cream are a few of my favorites.

4. Family time – I am grateful for time in New Hampshire with my family. I got to visit my grandmothers (one who I haven’t seen in person since February 2020) and enjoy time with my parents at their home. Family time wasn’t limited to my side though, my in-laws live close by and we saw them regularly and played with cousins often. There are many memories and I’m so happy for them.

3. Adirondack Lake – I am grateful for days and nights spent at our lakeside camp. We are building it ourselves (you might know from other posts) and it’s a lot of work! This summer’s highlights include installing running water, planting large perennial gardens, paddle boarding and kayaking, listening to the loons. I could go on. I just love camp so.

2. Anniversary Trip – I am grateful for celebrating 10 years of marriage and getting away to Lake Placid, New York. My husband and I had a wonderful weekend filled with a gorgeous Adirondack hike, delicious meals, time to shop, time to talk interrupted, and simply time to just be.

1. Time – I am grateful for the time this summer provided. At first I struggled to give myself time to relax, workout, read, swim, and do the things I need to feel grounded. It finally turned over though and I am grateful for the time to regroup.

As a new school year begins tomorrow, I plan to work to create more balance of work and self care. It has become quite cliché, but I do believe it’s necessary!

Writing a slice of life story on this Tuesday. Check out Two Writing Teachers blog for more.

5 thoughts on “#SOL Tuesday: 2021 Summer Top Ten”

  1. I so appreciate this idea of a Summer gratitude list. I start back to school next Wednesday so I am dealing with the feelings of that transition now. On my last day, I plan to write my own gratitude list as one more way to savor this summer.


  2. I scrolled through this list and find myself smiling from one…to the next…to the next…it’s beautiful, and I love it! I’m also going back to school this week, and like you, I’m grateful for this time. Here’s wishing you a smooth-ish transition back.


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