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#SOL Tuesday: Zinnias are my favorite!

My happy zinnias!

I fell in love with zinnias the year I was planning my wedding. My anniversary is at the end of July, so when planning floral arrangements, I learned that zinnias were a colorful choice that bloom at that time in the northeast. My wedding was an outside, garden wedding and the zinnias were perfect.

Every year I tried to grow them, however, I never had any luck! I would get a few that would bloom very late in the summer, but it would never equate to all the seeds I had planted.

Last year we moved to a new house. There is different soil and a lot of sun. I tried, like every other year for the last decade, to plant a bed of zinnias. This year I had success! I love their happy little faces bobbing in the breeze. They look like summer to me. I love that when you cut them, more shoot off the stem.

Pumpkin spice is out now (and I do love pumpkin anything), but for now I’m going to soak up the sunshine, what’s left of summer break here in New York, and enjoy my zinnias. Fall can wait.

I love the symmetry of zinnias. My wedding invitations were designed with the same pattern.
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4 thoughts on “#SOL Tuesday: Zinnias are my favorite!”

  1. Fall CAN wait – especially with beauty like this surrounding you. I’m not the greenest thumb around, so I usually have to keep myself content with gardening vicariously through others. Those zinnias are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


  2. Zinnias are some of my favorite flowers for the same reasons you cited – color, reblooming, and toughness – they last right up until a hard frost here in Wisconsin. I love them! And, so do many butterlies! So happy you were successful this year with your zinnia plantings! Do you have a favorite? The last couple of years, my favorite variety is Purple Prince – looks a lot like your photo!


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