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#SOL Tuesday: Rain at the Lake

Even a rainy day at the lake is a good day.

My husband has this week off and we decided rather than run around and fit in as much as possible in various locations, we would just come to the lake for the week with our children (they’re 8 and 6).

We have been building a camp for the last 3 years. We have learned that when you do things yourself, it takes a loooong time. When you hire people to do jobs and you’re not there to supervise, it also takes a loooong time (as we have redone many incorrect or sloppy things). Thankfully, we are (he is) handy and know much about construction, electric, plumbing, and so on. Finding the time is the biggest challenge.

This week’s big accomplishment was running water in the camp. We have been essentially “glamping” since last winter, but with this major upgrade, it feels easier to stay over for more than a night or two. I’m so excited to brush my teeth with actual running water, flush a toilet and wash our hands instead of relying on baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

Naturally we had many projects lined up for our week up here, so when we woke up this morning to rain, there was an aura of disappointment and needing to go to plan B. There is certainly plenty to do inside, but as I sit on the covered patio and listen to the rain hitting the puddles and watch it softly connect with the lake, it brings a feeling of peace. Sure, cool, rainy vacations aren’t as fun as hot, sunny ones, but today is a day at the lake. And you can’t beat a day at the lake. Eventually I will go start a project inside.

This is my Tuesday Slice of Life story.

4 thoughts on “#SOL Tuesday: Rain at the Lake”

  1. My husband is also very handy and we almost always do projects on our own as well. The time is always looooooonger than expected. I do love the sound of rain on a tent or a cabin though. Sometimes the gift of staying in and being still is far greater and far more needed than we realize.


  2. I just experienced a rainy 3 days in the mountains. At first, waking up to rain felt disappointing but it led us to do other things. Reading on the porch hearing the patter of the rain was one of my favorite parts. I really connected with your piece.


  3. My husband and I are not handy so I admire your ability to outfit the camp with everything you need, including running water. What an accomplishment that is!

    Looks beautiful up at the lake!


  4. So glad you are enjoying your time at your evolving cabin project! We were at ours this past weekend and enjoyed it very much. Our recent project – a second bathroom (my husband is handy as well and does all the work). He tiled the shower this weekend. Your’s will get there. Glad you are enjoying the progress!


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