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A Visit: Is Normal Back?

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Happy June! I can’t believe on one hand how time continues to fly by – when I see how my children have grown, when I realize school is winding down, when I see my laundry pile up AGAIN. On the other hand, it has been a very long time since I last saw my grandmothers in person, since I hung out with my side of the family not on Zoom, and went away for a normal weekend.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, my husband, children, and dog drove the four hours and two states from NY to my parents’ house in NH. My brother and his wife and their dog met us there from three hours away in the opposite direction in ME. We realized as we were driving there that my husband hadn’t seen my parents and my brother altogether in NH since Christmas 2019 (which was actually only for about 3 hours because of the stomach bug that plagued us that year). My kids and I hadn’t seen my brother and his wife since August. We were fortunate to have my parents visit us in April once they were vaccinated and felt safe to come. Of course we had Zoomed together at times, but being together in person was a big deal to me.

Although it was not a totally normal, pre-pandemic visit, we had so much fun taking in all that we had missed out on. My children had a goal of swimming in Grammy and Grampa’s pool everyday. Although it was only in the fifties and cloudy, they hit their goal (thanks to a pool heater). We had a lobster bake – my sister-in-law brought Maine lobsters with her and they were delicious. We met my parents’ neighbors’ friends (who they met when the NYC couple was pretty much stranded in northern NH for 3 months when COVID hit last March) and had s’mores around the fire. Since there were extra hands, my husband and I got to go hiking by ourselves (I love family hikes, but was thankful for time for both of us). We got to visit one of my grandmothers in person and actually hug! We were able to use View Clix to video chat with my other grandmother (nursing homes still had restrictions). My children squeezed in lots of swimming, fishing, four wheeling, and other country living fun. They also found out they’re going to have a new cousin in December- my brother and his wife are having a baby boy. They even did a blue fireworks gender reveal for us.

We really got in so many things and typically our trips to my parents’ are like that. It’s a commitment to go for a weekend – there’s no popping in just for a meal. When we left, my kids cried. Real, sad, long faces. When I explained we’ll see Grammy and Grampa soon, I think they felt deeply what I had glossed over – this trip was a big deal. It was something toward normalcy. We craved it, and we finally got it.

Here’s to hoping normal (or at least some of it) is back.

Kristopher checking off one of his many to-do list items with Grampa.

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