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Poetry Friday: Spring Nature Walks

On our nature walk and the tree the girls deemed the dancing cherry blossom tree.

I had been waiting for a sunny day to take my second grade class on a nature walk to gather ideas for writing poetry. The weather in New York has been so unpredictable this spring! We had a rather stressful internet hacking incident within our district which turned out to take about a week to resolve. During that time, we had no internet! Thankfully, the sun came out and although it was windy and chilly (great for adding to our notes for the five senses) we had a beautiful nature walk around out school.

Listening to my students share what they noticed with their friends as they jotted down ideas in their writing notebooks was so fun! Watching them blossom into poets themselves is also exciting. When I introduced our poetry unit, it dawned on me they never got to their poetry unit in first grade last year. What could have been yet another hurdle of learning to overcome seemed to me like a blank slate.

Spring Nature Walk Poems

Thoughts and wondering

Line breaks with messages

Big ideas come

In tiny packages.

Sunny spring day comes

Wind whistles and whips

Brightest blue sky smiles

Cherry blossoms and tulips.

A backdrop for learning

Buzzing like bees

Growing as poets like blossoming trees

Forsythia glowing a hopeful yellow,

Just like our poems

Pure gold.

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3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Spring Nature Walks”

  1. I love that you embraced your internet-free days and got back to nature! What fun! And your poem is wonderful. Ruth,


  2. What lucky students to be able to engage all their senses on a gorgeous spring day while they explore the world through poetry!


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