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Sport Fundraiser Wonderings as a Mom

First day of lacrosse practice for this little lady. Her brother escaped a photo that day.

If you read an earlier post of mine this spring, you know my husband and I are coaching kindergarten lacrosse this spring. This is a first for me, and so far has been rewarding. Now, however, the fundraisers have begun. This is the first time I have been on the parent side of this as well. So many firsts!

I understand fundraising for a particular group. I have bought countless Girl Scout Cookies (ok, so that’s not just about the fundraising because I do look forward to Tagalongs and Samoas), raffle tickets, and other various items from my niece and many students over the years. I enjoyed supporting them and didn’t really think too much about it.

Now that I am on the asking side of things, I have come to realize I have a habit of overthinking when I need to ask for something. I feel strongly that my children need to do the sales pitch and ask friends and family on their own. It’s great practice in speaking to others and being a part of a team, but apparently it’s not that simple.

I learned I needed to download a new app and sign up with an account in order to create a store front in order to sell tubs of cookie dough. I could then share my store front on social media or via text. So I did. And then people commented and bought the $20 cookie dough and I felt surprised and…guilty?! They had responded to my Facebook post and my children had done no part in asking. I was surprised at who bought stuff as well – some people we barely know, but we’re supporting the kids’ lacrosse teams.

Because I analyze everything it seems, it left me wondering if all these years past when I’ve supported children in their fundraisers without really thinking of it, if there was this surprise as well. It is quite possible that most parents do not give as much energy to overthinking as me either!

Now, since my children seemed to have gotten out of the sale pitch part because of the technology needed and me not having a plan of how to do it differently, they now have many people who will be receiving handwritten thank you from them when they receive their cookie dough! And I have another thing learned on this journey of parenting and sports.

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4 thoughts on “Sport Fundraiser Wonderings as a Mom”

  1. I just read a piece about sales pitches for everything from sports to MLM yesterday! (In case you want to read it, you can find it at

    LOVE that you’re getting your kids involved. It’s harder to say no to a child. (I could never resist my next door neighbors’ kids when they asked me to support their teams or their troops.)

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  2. You pose some very thoughtful questions here about fundraising and about parenting. I applaud your thinking but also think that most parents do not give it the thought you have. I am also a chronic overthinking. My first two boys were not heavily involved in sports. The oldest was a musician and they did have some fundraising for trips to Epcot and NYC but I went on both trips as a chaperone. My point in saying that is that there are other ways to support and give back. Since you are just at the beginning of this phase – remember that in the back of your mind. My youngest was an extremely good athlete in two sports – soccer and track. He went to state for both and placed second at state in his race. We did not have to do the fundraising for him through social media and he always made at least the minimum requirement. Volunteering for events will also become part of your sports kids and your life. That is a whole other world of apps and sign-ups done digitally now, too! You’ll learn what works best for you and soon will not be overthinking. I think it’s great that you are expecting your children to shoulder the fundraising burden of their sports – it will eventually happen – they are just so young to do the digital part.


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