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Rookie Parent Moment: Spring Sport Edition #SOL

Spring sports are ready to go here and my second grade son is excited for lacrosse. Even more excited is my kindergarten daughter who debuts in her youth lacrosse league this year. Sidelined no longer because she’s too young, she’s been tearing around the yard with her cleats, goggles, and stick for weeks now.

Then comes the email…if nobody steps forward to coach the kindergarteners before Monday (3 days away), the kindergarten lacrosse season will be cancelled. Insert audible sigh by me because I felt as though the email was talking directly to me. Except for the fact I have NEVER played lacrosse, it would be easy for me to volunteer because I’m around, I’ll be at every practice anyway, I’m in good enough shape to run around with 5 year olds. I’m a teacher so how hard can wrangling some small kids outdoors be for an hour twice a week while their parents look on?

Ever reflective and trying to find a way to fix situations, my next round of thoughts included my husband- he was the lacrosse player and the driving force behind the kids trying lacrosse. I’m a softball and field hockey girl myself. He could coach. He should do it. He half shoots me down. I get it, his work is unpredictable and he has to often travel at the drop of a hat and he doesn’t want to make a commitment he can’t keep. Ok, what if we do it together? He agrees to that, so I email the league offering for us both to volunteer.

Great news comes in yet another email – kindergarten lacrosse is still on thanks to “several” parents…us and one other person I haven’t met yet. Just one more thing – we both need to get a U.S. Lacrosse membership, complete a background check, take an online child abuse prevention course as soon as possible, and update CPR certification. So much for trying to “do less” and learning how to say no for me!

My next round of thoughts included me berating myself for being so naive. I had a rookie parent moment again! You know there’s a falsehood in thinking that once you no longer have a baby you’re no longer a rookie parent. Then these moments crop up and I stand back and think, “I got fooled again!” Now I do realize youth sports really can’t happen without volunteers and I guess my time is here to step up to the plate – if only I was coaching a sport I actually knew about like softball I’d be all set – pun and all!

Here’s to all the rookie parents reflecting on their lessons learned and soaking up the craziness and magic of raising small humans.

Every Tuesday there is a call for slice of life stories from Two Writing Teachers. This snippet is my slice for this week. #SOL

12 thoughts on “Rookie Parent Moment: Spring Sport Edition #SOL”

  1. Your slice captures so much of the behind-the-scenes of a problem-solving parent. My own children are now grown and your writing took me right back to those years. For us it was soccer. And actually, because my husband did not play that sport growing up, he was a better coach. Be ready to be like you describe your daughter so well: tearing around the yard with her cleats, goggles, and stick!! I so enjoyed reading this. It shows how much both you and your husband care!

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  2. Oh the range of emotions you were able to capture in this piece – and I could feel them all. My children are grown and I now have grandchildren whose parents will soon get that email. I hope I modeled the importance of giving back with all my yeses! Good luck with your yes! You will be awesome.

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  3. Oh, I had those rookie parent moments too- mine were scouting… My ex-husband (then husband) decided he could do sports (as he loved them anyway) and I could do Scouts (I definitely had many aspects of scouting I did not even like, never mind love). Your daughter’s enthusiasm is contagious and I am sure you will all learn lots- so hard to say no!

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  4. I felt like the email was talking to me too… I would have done the same thing and I know zero about any sport! I’m positive this will be a rewarding experience in the long run…and those kids will be so lucky to have you.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this piece! I applaud your efforts to make this happen for your daughter on top of everything else you do! I could hear excitement and enthusiasm. So many memories to be made here. I have a hard time saying no. Seems like you do, too! You made the right decision!

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  6. I must admit that I read your teaser as “kindergarten COUCH” so I was intrigued, but glad I read on anyway. Thanks for sharing the inner thoughts and turmoil!


  7. I can relate. I coached my daughter in volleyball, and I think it caused her to not want to play and become a cheerleader :0 It doesn’t really get better! My kids are 21 and 18 and every stage allows you to experience more rookie moves. It will be a great experience–and also provide you with lots of writing material 🙂

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  8. This. Has. Been. Me. Too. Many. Times. Who’s going to help coach baseball? Who’s going to help manage the hockey team? The baseball team? Awkward silence? OK…guess Lainie’ll do it. Sigh.

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