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#SOL21 Day 30 of 31: Magical Imagination

Not a cushion, but rather an island.

Safe from alligators and lava below.

Complete with adrenaline, squeals, and quick limbs.

Not a doll, but rather a baby.

To feed and tuck in, cuddle and love.

Complete with a name, feelings, and plans.

Not just a mud worm, but rather a pet.

For whom to design a container habitat.

Complete with “sleeping” precariously on the bedside table.

Not just a toy truck, but rather equipment.

To grind and beep, rev and tow.

Complete with trailers of blocks and rocks to build something big.

Not just children’s ideas, but rather magical imaginations

To witness in awe each new day.

Complete in all ways yet infinite possibilities await you.

Spring clean up with help from some heavy equipment.
Baby wanted to draw something.
Cutie the Worm is its pet home.
Writing each day in March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. #sol21

4 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 30 of 31: Magical Imagination”

  1. Aren’t kids amazing?!! I love the possibility they see in everything and you have captured so well here. Your beginning reminded me of a video we watched yesterday on our student run school news- the first graders had a “floor is lava” challenge and parents filmed segments at home of what their first graders worked out- so fun!

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  2. The imagination of a child is the most magical force in the universe. You nailed the essence of it. Play is preparation and problem-solving for life… even the lava thing; my granddaughter pretends the floor is lava also, and that she has to wear her “special lava-proof socks” to navigate.

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  3. Imagination is a beautiful abstract thing. It’s one of the many reasons why I love to watch the kids play at recess. The games they come up and the scenarios are magical. For thirty minutes the playground isn’t one. One day it’s a pirate ship and the next it’s a fort that is floating in outer space.

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