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#SOL21 Day 29 of 31: Why I Don’t Dislike Mondays

As an unexpected, fun weekend ends, I could be dreading Monday. But, I don’t! I know Mondays aren’t popular with the majority of people and I understand that. To me, Monday morning is when I start my week routine and it feels normal to get back on track.

I like to wake up before anyone else in my house and enjoy my hot coffee alone in the quiet. I have come to realize that if I can get in a workout after that, my mood is better for the day, and so I try hard to do that on Mondays to set the week off right.

I look forward to going into school Monday and seeing what the week has in store for me. Inevitably, something happens as it always does, and that leaves me dreading possibly the following day, or the upcoming difficult meeting, or the need to have a hard conversation.

But almost every Sunday night, I find myself looking forward to a new week. Maybe I’m the naive optimist, or a hamster stuck on a proverbial wheel. Whichever the reason, I will take embracing a Monday over dreading it.

March is the month of the Slice of Life Story Challenge and I’m writing each day with my fellow slicers in this community of writers fostered by Two Writing Teachers. #sol21

6 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 29 of 31: Why I Don’t Dislike Mondays”

  1. Enjoy the Monday mornings no matter what others say. Life is certainly better for the optimist. I think that optimists have more resilience.


  2. I like Mondays because I have energy! By Wednesday, my energy is drained. The weird thing is that on Friday afternoon, my energy returns magically!


  3. I feel the same way as you about Mondays. There’s so much potential and a little bit of excitement as to what the week holds. While most of the world is like Garfield when it comes to Mondays I am Nermal.


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