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#SOL21 Day 28 of 31: Dog Cairns

Dog statue on skis welcoming us to the Gore Mt.

Someone creative,

With a good sense of humor

Placed you there

And started a rumor.

“He’s there to say welcome. ”

“Have a great day. ”

“Are there more of them?”

My family will say.

Perfectly placed rocks

An ode to a canine

Triangle rock ears

Looking happy and fine.

A dog cairn so whimsical

An artist spreads joy

Marking their territory

For others to enjoy.

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a community of writers and for hosting the Slice of Life Story Challenge in which I am writing each day in the month of March. #sol21

4 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 28 of 31: Dog Cairns”

    1. This one we had seen each time we went skiing this year (this one is near one of the lower parking lots on the access road to the ski lodge), but this particular day it was so crowded at the mountain, we ended up parking near it…hence the photo opportunity. Prior to this year I hadn’t seen it. But we started noticing other dog cairns in the area on people’s yards in the summer so now I feel like I’m on the lookout for more. I love seeing them.


  1. I love this poem! It brings such joy to read – almost as much joy as it was to see the creation, I’d imagine. And I adored the cleverness of these lines:
    “An artist spreads joy
    Marking their territory
    For others to enjoy.”
    I see what you did there…and I LOVED it.


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