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#SOL21 Day 27 of 31: My Classroom Helpers

Witnessing moments of engagement and helping like this in my classroom this make my heart full of happiness.

“So I have something totally new for us to try. But I have to ask one thing – can you be patient with me? I know you’ll need my help, but I won’t be able to get to each one of you at the same time.” We have been practicing writing slice of life stories for the upcoming classroom challenge and we were moving on to the next step.

We have a lot of pieces in our writing notebooks and today I was showing the class how to type in a Google Doc, insert a photo of their illustration, and upload their writing to our Seesaw blog. This was their first time doing any of those things.

One realization I have had from teaching in person this year is that normally I rely on students to help each other, work together, and take ownership of their learning. Although my philosophy hasn’t changed this year, my go to methods have had to shift with social distancing. Often it has felt like I’m hopping from student to student because I can’t pull small groups. Something clicked today and it was a day to celebrate.

Another realization from the last year is that children catch on quickly and can figure out ways to solve technology problems, and given the opportunity, they will teach each other. It catches on like wild fire and the student taught becomes the student to teach. I have no problem with allowing this to happen. In fact, it makes me swell with happiness when I witness it. So, today was a day to celebrate.

There were so many teachable moments and I found myself slipping back into my old way of answering questions with, “Oh! Leo just did that. Ask him to show you.” And, “Freeze and look at Claire. She’s going to tell you how to upload a picture you drew.” “Ciana, can you go around and see who needs help now that you’re an expert uploader?” “Greyson, can you show Addie how to make a new doc for her next piece and how to title it?”

I snapped a photo of two of my girls working together. They had done this all on their own and I marveled at how grownup they acted, asking good questions and patiently helping (without touching the other’s Chromebook).

The buzz of learning was certainly happening that day and it was something to celebrate!

3 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 27 of 31: My Classroom Helpers”

  1. What a wonderful slice that captures what a rich learning environment looks, feels, sounds like! I loved this window into your classroom and seeing how your students are quick to help each other and work through problems.


  2. What a joy to sit back and watch kids taking charge of their own learning and creating solutions to their own problems. This is what it’s all about. So happy for you that you were able to slip back to what you for sure.


  3. Kids are awesome? What grade do you teach? I have a few students who will do the SOL challenge and they would love comments. I have used the Seesaw blog for the past few years to do this, but may do Kidblog this year to keep it separate from their other things, as only a few are participating (still not sure).


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