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#SOL21 Day 26 of 31: Distressed Jeans Humor

“Mom, why do you have all these holes in your pants?” my seven year old interrupted during bedtime reading and began poking and pulling at my jeans.

They were some distressed jeans I had pulled on that afternoon now that I ditch my work clothes the second I walk through the door.

As I explained that they were made to look like that, making me feel like I was in high school again defending my wardrobe choices.

As I got back to our book, he interrupted again.“So you’re so stressed out that your pants got holes in them?” he asked innocently.

I chuckled and said not exactly.

Even though he wasn’t trying to be funny, the last two weeks have been so extremely stressful at school, I had to laugh because it did seem in a way to me that maybe my pants also could have been a casualty to the recent weeks.

I’m writing each day in March in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

6 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 26 of 31: Distressed Jeans Humor”

  1. I love kids and their innocence as they try to make sense of the world. I also imagined your jeans busting with every new stressor at work. These days, I’m glad that’s not a real thing. We’d all be in trouble.

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  2. I love when kids let you know exactly what they understand- so sweet, yet somehow he understood more than it first appears with all the stresses you are experiencing. You will be so glad you have saved these moments as he grows older:)

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