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#SOL21 Day 24 of 31: Thunderstorms

Do you love thunderstorms? Do they terrify you? Or are you just indifferent to them? I guess there are many factors here, like your experiences and where you live. Here is why I love thunderstorms.

As long as I can remember, I have loved thunderstorms (with the exception of getting caught in one during a bike ride once when I was about 11 and we luckily were near a barn to duck into). So I guess I love them if I am in a safe place!

I love the way the sky changes color to a deep gray with undertones of blue. Sometimes you can catch the sky changing in the distance and witness how angry the sky looks like a mood changing over someone’s face as the clouds billow together. Streaks of rain show in the distance like an artist’s knife smudging cloud to ground.

I love the flash of lightning and crack of thunder that rolls on and on, echos bouncing off the mountains. On a hot summer afternoon, the first fat drops splat on the concrete sidewalk and seem to sizzle. Cold meeting hot. Soon rivulets race to the lowest point, pool, and spill over to another point.

The smell of the air changes from sweet to pungent. Wet pavement, wet rocks, wet leaves. I love to pause during storms and simply take in Mother Nature. Day or night.

The best storms have a whooshing melody of rain while the thunder keeps the beat, and then suddenly comes the realization they’ve changed roles. The growling sky eases up. That moodiness begins to fade. Torrential turns to mist. Steam rises from the pavement as zooming cars dance off spray.

The sun may come out and when he does, a rainbow appears as the finale.

What do you love or detest about thunderstorms?

Writing each day during March for the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting!

4 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 24 of 31: Thunderstorms”

  1. You captured the beauty in storms so well! I really like the paragraph with the “whooshing melody of rain while the thunder keeps the beat.”


  2. I love this! I am very anxious in thunderstorms, so it is helpful for me to take in all of these positives. Your writing is so descriptive – it gathers the reader into the storm with you – in a safe space – otherwise I wouldn’t follow you there! Beautiful imagery throughout. I will tuck this away until I hear the next rumble rolling in…..Thank you!


  3. I love, love, love them too! The smell, the drama! When I lived in Kuala Lumpur there were thunderstorms nearly every day with the loudest thunder and crackliest lightning I have ever experienced and I still loved ’em!


  4. I agree that there’s a certain musicality to thunderstorms – not too much a fan, because of lightning which struck a house we lived in once. The lightning bounced off and scarred a tree in the front yard and exploded a ceiling light fixture in a bedroom. What I can really relate to is the smell – that earthy scent, petrichor, from rain on dry soil or geosmin, that curiously musty smell to which we humans are particularly sensitive… fascinating science, which is what I like best about thunderstorms. And the rainbows – which often come after the fiercest storms.


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