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#SOL21 Day 23 of 31: Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

The first ice cream trip of 2021 after dinner, on a random warm March day, before daylight savings (that’s why it looks like we went in the middle of the night haha).

Have you ever thought of your favorite ice cream flavors and how they have morphed (or not) throughout your lifetime? I intended for this to be a list, but when I started thinking of my favorite ice cream flavors, I realized there were people, places, and different times of my life involved.

As a child, we had one restaurant in the tiny town where I grew up. Chevalo’s was an all day restaurant but doubled as an ice cream joint. My dad would take me there for ice cream as a treat. I got peanut butter ice cream. Their version was vanilla ice cream with fudge ripples and giant veins of frozen peanut butter. We would sit in the orange booth and eat it. I preferred a dish to a cone.

During my teenage years, my family became obsessed with Bishop’s Homemade Ice Cream in the next town over (Chevalo’s closed for good). I had several favorites at this place. Bishop’s Bash (chocolate, brownie bits, walnuts) was my go to unless I liked their specials (they would run two flavors that varied and I like the idea that they were for a limited time only). They also had fabulous hot fudge sundaes and even brownie sundaes with homemade brownies. Their decor was lime green and pink, with small round tables and curvy, delicate metal chairs- truly made to look like an old fashioned ice cream parlor.

In college, there was a popular ice cream window on Main Street and I don’t recall having a favorite flavor here. What they had was peanut butter sauce to add to whatever ice cream you ordered. It was warm, creamy and made any flavor delicious. I remember standing in ridiculously long lines on hot spring days. I think this place was called The Piazza and it must have made a killing in a college town.

After grad school, I moved around a bit and when I finally landed in upstate New York, I discovered Stewart’s – a NY based convenience store/gas station that has the best ice cream and other dairy products. (writintime’s post about Best has me thinking about this opinion!) My favorite Stewart’s ice cream was Peanut Butter Pandemonium at first with its chocolate and peanut butter swirls with tiny peanut butter cups embedded in the vanilla ice cream. Then I discovered Campfire S’moreo with gooey marshmallow, graham cracker crumbs and Oreos. Each spring, Stewart’s posts the upcoming special flavors for summer and they release one every three weeks or so and I love looking forward to new kinds.

We used to live a few blocks from a Stewart’s and it became a (bad?) habit to go on a walk after dinner and get an ice cream. In fact, we used ice cream as a potty-training treat for my first born (new parents mistake), and then realized that got out of control by the time my second was ready to potty train. Last year we moved and our house now is in a windy maze of suburban development streets. We need to drive to the nearest ice cream place so that has cut down on the nightly trips. We have Korner Ice Cream with a large cow statue out front. On a really warm day earlier this month, the place opened for the season and we made it there after dinner for treat. My current favorite is Almond Amaretto.

I’m not sure if it’s fair to say I have a favorite ice cream because I can find a reason to like most any flavor! What is your favorite ice cream flavor or place?

Writing each day in March for the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. #sol21

4 thoughts on “#SOL21 Day 23 of 31: Favorite Ice Cream Flavors”

  1. Mmm, you had me thinking of all of my ice cream loves. I choose not to keep any at home, because I would eat it ALL, so it is a rare treat! It is fun to think of an ice cream timeline of your life.


  2. A personal history based on the evolution of favorite flavors of ice cream!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! We (my family) always talk about how our taste buds change (ie: I hated onions and now my meals depend on them), but I never have considered how my ice cream choices have changed. Ohhh I will be journaling this one for sure. Funny story, I used to HATE vanilla…a serious loathing of its plain existence, but now, drizzled with a little maple syrup it can’t be beat! Thank you for this slice! I am borrowing this topic for my own writing!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the structure of telling your life through ice cream. (I’m always looking for a new flavor to try.)


  4. I love all ice creams that have peanut butter in them of any kind! But honestly when it comes to ice cream I am not picky. I love them all. I love how this was like a mini biography but told through ice cream parlors.


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